Youth Vote TEDx Talk-Why We Need More Youth Involvement In Politics
November 27, 2020

Thank you to the 2020 TEDxYouth@PCI Virtual Event for inviting our Youth Vote co-founders, Finn Creeggan and Xin Law Gallagher to talk about Youth Vote.  This event created a platform where PCI students shared ideas, learned from each other, and learned from other Parkdale and Toronto residents. Finn and Xin were honoured to share the stage with Canadian Astronaut Jeremy Hansen. We are so impressed with the students of Parkdale Collegiate Institute for organizing this important event.

Thank you to our Youth Vote participants!
November 9, 2020

As you know, Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the US election although President Trump is contesting these results. This has been one of the closest races for the US presidency in history, showing us that every vote counts! This is why we think Youth Vote and similar election engagement initiatives are so important. 

We would like to extend or thanks to everyone that participated on our site. For those who voted we appreciate your civic engagement. For those who shared our site we appreciate your willingness to engage others. For those who gave us feedback we are grateful for your comments. 

Youth Vote still has more to come. On November 27th two of our Co-founders (Finn and Xin) will do a TEDx Talk on the importance of youth engagement in politics. We will share the link soon!

What are the issues that youth care about?
November 1, 2020

What’s your biggest concern about your future and why? Why do you think it is important to vote as youth?

Presidential Candidate Town Halls
October 19, 2020

On October 15th, twin town halls were hosted by NBC and ABC, with NBC interviewing Trump and ABC, Biden.

Help us reach 1,000 Youth Voters (Age 13-17) by November 3rd
October 12, 2020

Please share and give youth a voice in decisions that matter to us.

Help us give youth a voice in decisions that matter to us!
October 11, 2020

“I think that it is important to vote as a youth, because everyone’s vote counts no matter what race you are, your age, or where you are from. Kids need to know in the early stages of life that voting matters.” -Youth, Age 13

Tonight We Reached 100 Youth Who Cast A Mock Vote. Help Us Reach 1,000 Youth By Nov. 3rd!
October 10, 2020

Please share on your Instagram, Snapchat or other social media feeds. Help us reach 1,000 Youth by Nov. 3rd. Email us at if you want to volunteer as a Youth Vote Leader and try to get 10 of your friends to  cast a mock vote in the US Presidential election on

Youth Vote Launch
September 20, 2020

Cast your vote now! Help us show the power of youth to shape our future.